25 Thoughts I Have While Getting Dressed in Quarantine

Hannah Rupp
2 min readMay 19, 2020


.. and other questions I’ve been asking myself when I get dressed for a day of social distancing.

Get Ready With Me: Quarantine Edition

* What is today?

* Guess it doesn’t matter, I just have to pick something.

* Should I go with pants or no pants?

* Well, I already have on leggings from bed so I can do something with those.

* OK, that feels boring.

* Think think think…

* Look at all those clothes in my closet not being worn!

* Should I clear some out?

* Oh wait, I’m trying to get dressed.

* What should I wear?

* Just because I’m going to be sitting at my computer today and running to the grocery store doesn’t mean I can’t look cute.

* How do I match clothes again?

* This isn’t working.

* Why is everything I’m trying on looking stupid on me?

* I’m going to try the leggings again.

* Normally I wear them with an oversized t-shirt, I should switch it up today with an oversized sweatshirt.

* That looks passable.

* I can always add novelty socks to inject a little personality into it.

* Now I’m onto something.

* Oh shoot, my sweatshirt has a stain on it.

* I’m just going to commit to it. Who’s going to notice my shirt in public when we’re all panic buying?!

* Weirdos.

* We’re all a little weird though. Today is weird.

* I think I’m ready to face the day!

* Crap, I forgot about hair and makeup. That will be my goal tomorrow!

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